Lady Emma

Lady Hamilton les attitude

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Lady Emma

Emma Hamilton was born in Lyon in 1761, the English adventurer known as Lady Hamilton though of humble origin, was linked in 1781 to Charles Grenville, member of the House of Commons, a few years later sold her to his uncle Sir William Hamilton in exchange for payment of debts which had been oppressed him. Emma joined Sir William in Naples in 1786 and became its legitimize wife in 1791. Charming, full of verve, delightful dancer and singer acquired great influence at court due to the close friendship with the Queen Maria Carolina. In 1798, Admiral Horatio Nelson fell madly in love with her, and the relationship with Hamilton inspired his conduct in the Neapolitan crisis of 1799. Emma went to live with Nelson with whom he had a child already in 1801; After her husband’s death (1803) and the one of her Lover (1805), soon dispelled substances that both the one and the other had left to her, so that she was imprisoned for debt in 1813. From her memoirs, published in 1815 years of her death, A. Dumas took the novel “La Favorita.”


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