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Napoli, “… born on the grave of a siren, and hanging in eternal suspense, between the netherworld and the surrounding hills …”

Hands and Volcanoes, guided tours and events of the Neapolitan tradition, is without doubt one of the most established brand of cultural tourism in Naples.

Narrating to excite is the point of strength of our mission. A square, a street, a simple Neapolitan alley, narrated by our guides, live again magically through stories, anecdotes and legends.

Take part in our itineraries is like living a complete and unique experience: tune in to a place, listen to the story, immerse themselves in its culture, making you feel like a traveler of yesteryear.

In addition, Naples and Italy is dinner shows, educational workshops and exclusive tours to discover an unusual three thousand years old Siren, working in the field of promotion and art through activities and initiatives to better use of cultural heritage as part of the TOURISM, CULTURE of, and EVENTS.


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