Curly, shortcrust or Santa Rosa?

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Curly, shortcrust or…

Curly, shortcrust or Santa Rosa?

The unusual dilemmas of Naples often about his wonderful gastronomy. In many wonder what came first the chicken or the egg, in the city of Partenope, however, if before the shortcrust or curly and if Santa Rosa is not actually primitive sfogliatella. Of the many legends that are told about the birth of this work of culinary engineering the most reliable is definitely one of the Santa Rosa Convent in Amalfi. It is said that during the seventeenth century by the cloistered nuns of the convent of Santa Rosa were used to prepare spirits such as limoncello or nocillo and selling them along with other delicacies, typical of the coastal tradition. One day it seems that one of these nuns, Mother Clotilde, had not the heart to throw the cooked semolina in milk that was left over from the night before, so she added dried fruit, sugar and limoncello and decided to use the mixture as a stuffing for two sheets softened with lard and cook the everything in the oven, but not without having given prior to the composition, the form of a cap by Monaco. This cake, called Santa Rosa, delicate and balanced, with a double crunchy and creamy texture, had a very rapid success among the farmers of the area, until the owner of a ‘tavern in via Toledo, Pasquale Pintauro, took possession of the recipe. The tavern became immediately confectionery and the recipe of Santa Rosa, was slightly modified with the form, which monkish hood became a small baroque shell. Subsequently, with the same filling, the shortcrust was born which had a shell of short pastry, more compact and suitable for walking along Via Toledo.

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